TUESDAYS in London - reflections on a screening

Rachel, Kathleen and Arlene arrive in LondonWhat does it mean to use the camera as a mirror? To make palliative film? Palliative comes from the word palliare, to cloak, comfort, hide. I guess it refers to the symptoms that palliative care aims to cloak, comfort, hide. But the camera is doing the opposite. It is offering a reflection, aims for lucidity, intensification, the underlying structure of an event, an idea, a life, made visible.

Showing the TUESDAYS film two weeks ago in front of a London audience and the women in the film meant laying ourselves open. The women in the film, who had allowed me to show them crying and laughing, expressed their fears and their anger, dreams and joys. And myself, who had taken on the responsibility to make a film that remained a genuine representation of who they are, and what they are going through, whilst distilling down the experiences of five people over a year to 42 minutes. You can’t help but gulp.

Arlene on her way to the cinema screeningIt was an audience of people I didn’t know, Londoners who looked rather beautiful, a lot of young people. It was absolutely full. They must have listened to every word on the screen, because the questions picked up on phrases – Karen’s steady gaze as she said “after a while you realize fear is just a waste of time”. How do you stop being afraid? they asked. The answers were various. Five women. Five different life stories, five ways of living life to the full, five ways of saying we are still here, visible.

Judy in the fab hotel Maggies selected for the film stars!It was a remarkable event. It marked the end of the project and I am finding it hard to let go. We decided to have a party. The chair of Maggie’s, Nigel Cayzer overheard us and offered to host it at his house. Yes, yes, yes. That’s what I love about Maggie’s. It’s not just a building, it’s a celebration of relationship, of possibility, a moveable feast. Even, weather permitting, a picnic.

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    Hi Judy,

    What a lovely post! It is great to get the inside story of the evening. I love your humour and the detail of what goes on behind the scenes when of course all the audience see are five beautiful composed women who have something to say and know how to say it! I have had many responses after the screening about how powerfully you articulated what it is to come through the crisis that is a cancer diagnosis.

    I can’t wait to meet your daughter in Strathcarron Hospice. I am also collecting my baking ingredients for Tuesday’s cake at our wrap party!

    See you soon,

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    Trini and Judy’s London Adventure!!

    It is always good to see the Maggie girls, even better when they are with their men and we are all off to London for the showing of ‘Tuesdays’. We share so much so it is wonderful to share this special event and an adventure together.
    After lots of chat and laughs, we arrived safely in London. Ruth and Karen took a taxi to the hotel but we decided to have an underground experience. Trini did a great job of leading us to the Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury. Unfortunately we were booked into the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, Kings Cross where we had just come from!
    We got to our hotel in time to get ready. Fortunately I had Trini to keep me right in all things sartorial including the question ‘big knickers or no big knickers?’. Looking amazing we all took taxis to the venue – The Courthouse Hotel. It was a momentous occasion for many reasons, not least the fact that everyone had their own hair on show and not a wig in sight.
    Drinks before provided a wonderful opportunity to meet the people connected with Maggies and share stories. I met Marsha, a great friend of Maggie Jencks and her sister in law who kindly donated the money that made the film possible. I also met Maggie’s daughter Lily. What a pleasure to meet these lovely people and be able to pass on just how much Maggies has meant to me and my family (and countless others).
    The film started and images of wee Ruth bought back so many good memories of a special, much loved and much missed friend. Despite having seen the film on a number of occasions I was still blown away by the girls and the amazing job Amy has done in telling their story. Question time after allowed the audience to get to know us and Maggies better. A glass of wine or two had relaxed the panel so everyone had plenty to say before Lesley wound everything up and Laura finished off the evening by thanking everyone involved.
    We lingered awhile chatting before wandering around Soho and finding a super Italian restaurant to eat. Replete with good food, we made our weary way back to the hotel – tired but happy with how things had gone. We are all proud of the film and got involved because we all wanted to help people in a similar position but also give something back to Maggies. The positive feedback from everyone made everything worth while.
    Next day started with a quick breakfast for Trini and I then a quick wander around the shops and a nice cup of tea before meeting the others at the station and making our way home. A good time had been had by all
    Life is full of coincidences. On the film I am heard talking to my eldest daughter, a pallative care doctor in New Zealand. Since the film she has decided to home back to Scotland and has a job at Strathcarron, a hospice near Stirling. It is the hospice where Amy is film maker in residence so she will get to meet Amy face to face and maybe even work with her. How nice
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