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    commented on Contact Amy 2017-10-12 20:39:41 +0100
    Hi Amy,

    my name is Alex, I’m the host of a monthly breakfast lecture series for the creative community in Edinburgh called CreativeMornings. I came across your work recently and I was wondering if you would be interested in being our November speaker?

    I don’t know how much you know about us but briefly, CreativeMornings is a lecture series that brings together the local creative community each month for a short speaker presentation, Q&A, and light breakfast. It’s part of a global network where each city hosts a live event and a speaker from the creative community talks on a theme. Here’s the main site:

    As mentioned above, every month 175 cities speak on a set theme, November is “Death”. This could be taken in a number of ways but your work that sensitively tracks the journey of palliative care would be a really interesting creative journey to hear. Of course this is just an idea and you could approach the theme any way you wish.

    The format is pretty informal and should aim to last about 20 minutes. I’d be on hand to help shape the talk if needed. The talks are usually the last Friday of the month, from 8:30-10AM.

    Let me know if this is of interest, kind regards

    commented on Contact Amy 2017-08-07 19:00:50 +0100
    Hi Amy: I am a physician and film maker at Stanford University working with the Program in Bioethics and Film setting up a film series that will screen films throughout this coming academic year that touch on the ethical issues inspired by Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” (2018 marks the 200th anniversary of its publication.) We will be screening Stem Cell Revolutions as part of the series. I would appreciate being in touch with you about panel member ideas. With warmest regards, Diana Farid MD
    commented on Contact Amy 2017-06-20 15:38:20 +0100
    Hi Amy,

    Your work has been recommended to me because of your stunning achievement in getting a finalised documentary distributed, in addition to the merry and melancholic juxtaposition of beauty in Seven Songs.

    I’ve made a documentary about my father, also at the end of his life, and would love to pick your brains about how I potentially publish this piece to a larger audience than just Vimeo.

    The film follows my dad, Paul, in the last years of his journey with Multiple Systems Atrophy, after being forced from confidence, charisma and a teaching job which he adored into round the clock care. To counter his lack of independence, I took him back to school as a treat, where he met an array of former students and adoring colleagues, whom he spoke with as a sort of last lecture.

    Film’s here:

    I feel like a beggar attempting to steal your thunder, but your work is a model example for someone like myself, and I’d love to hear what you think I could do.

    Thanks ever so much,

    commented on Contact Amy 2017-02-06 10:29:20 +0000
    i am sitting in hawaii feb 5 2017. just watched your brilliant & Beautiful & healing & thought inspiring doc. Seven Songs.. on local PBS/ POV

    Thank you. im a 1st gen american full scot decsent ( father emigrated to brooklyn ny in 1927 as a child in family from poor workclass ( cath.) Paisley,

    as a brooklyn product of the 1960’s, and still carrying the political emotions of our anti war movement then, i have Great admiration and respect for today’s steadfast SNP and scotland’s growing again movement of concerned , compassionate Humanists of Science awareness and shared democratic socialism. I , now 65, have more than a few yrs of intensive primary caregiving in various capacities but most closely with long term conditions of now passed parents and my sister

    Much emotion and hope was awakened in me by your deeply carefully presented film. also, as a lifelong serious listener to many types of music, your film and message portraying the Truly Enlightened and Giving compassionate staff at Strathcarron is a hope giver for the world, and basically i attempt this message to end with this:

    in the film’s spaces between the dialogue and singing, the gentle film score spoke to me with a familiar personal voice And! i just read the credit;

    Mark Orton! Aha! i knew i felt it. the Only time i have Ever emailed like this from outta nowhere to a film’s score composer Was Mark Orton when i was Filled inside the atmosphere of the great film Nebraska with his perfect uniquely creative score, i ran and bought that filmscore cd, listen to it to this day. identify with it as i get a Bit haha slower at life myself. Mark was soo gracious he personally replied to me and we briefly exchanged on music and literature also. YOU Nailed the film in those quiet spaces with his gentle music. He Is a truly humanist musician

    Bravo to You and all you do. Keep following Your Muse. Stay steadfastly modern scottish, resist the tories, go independent,

    we have a shocking enraging daunting new challenge on This side of the Pond as i am sure you watching also alarmed

    Science in the 21st century is under Assault here

    will be spreading the word on your Great Sevem Songs… film. Yes I Teared Up as the beautiful brave Nicola McInally sang REM’s Everybody Hurts

    Thank you and she for leaving that gift to us

    and tell her daughter a genetically full out scottish geezer from

    Brooklyn NY now living in exile haha in Hawaii

    thanks Her for sharing Her strength with us

    from the heart,

    Bruce Robertson( haha ye laddie) Eleele, Kauai, Hawaii. 5 Feb 2017.
    commented on Contact Amy 2017-02-04 08:20:34 +0000
    A note to thank you for your beautiful and highly moving documentary, “Seven Songs for Long Life.”

    I believe in the power of music and humor and your film added a new dimension to my understanding…through tears….and with a Kleenex (!).

    God Bless this amazing Hospice team, a true example of caring and strength.

    Thank you thank you.
    commented on Contact Amy 2017-02-02 04:07:54 +0000
    Seven Songs for a Long Life is so beautiful and touching.

    Thank you for sharing deeply moving images. Wishing you peace & love in each moment.
    commented on Contact Amy 2017-01-31 07:33:40 +0000
    Dear Amy, as a caregiver to my sister with cancer who recently transitioned, I loved the film “Seven Songs” which aired here in California earlier tonight. I was brought to tears but I really shed tears during the scene with the gentleman/clerk/office administer (I Think his name is Jeff!?) as he worked, listened and sang a song playing on his computer…the lyrics started with; strawberries, chocolate, cream…and so on. I have been searching for this beautiful song and wish that somewhere in the credits I could find it! Can you please find the name of the song and the band!? I will cherish it and most likely shed tears again with pleasure. I would love a track list of all the songs that were featured in the film if possible as well. Thank you and much love, M
    commented on Contact Amy 2016-06-23 14:36:45 +0100
    Hi Amy

    Would like to talk to you about screening 7 Songs at PFS. Could you please reply when you can? Don’t have your email address.


    commented on Contact Amy 2016-01-02 22:12:22 +0000
    Hi Amy

    I just watched your beautiful film. Thank you. It was recommended to me by a dream specialist after I had a dream in 2014 where I helped a dying man prepare for death and in return he wrote that the good lord would take me in 2016. Like you I have been terrified and even contacted a Shaman but am too scared to go. Ive been told that the dream represents a calm and accepted change in my life or in my thinking and so I am trying to focus on looking at it in a positive way. I am 51 so a similar age. Perhaps it is the body’s way of approaching the change of the menopause – Im thinking possibly anyway. Thank you for your film which I found very reassuring. Wishing you continued peace and happiness
    commented on Contact Amy 2015-12-09 23:03:01 +0000
    Dr. Hardie

    You might not remember, but I was one of the girls who lived below you for the last two years (we looked after your lovely little cat for a week too!). Just watched the brilliant ‘Seven Songs For A Long Life’, and on reading through the cast/film-makers section was surprised to recognise you!

    I thought the film was beautifully made, with a perfect balance between the joy and despair of life and death. I was in tears by the end, it was such a beautiful tribute to the wonderful ‘cast’ of the film. I’m actually in training to be a doctor, and palliative care is what I’d love to do in the future. It’s wonderful to see such honest documentaries being made about what is such an important – and often massively overlooked – part of caring for people

    Hope you are well and with best wishes,

    Paula :)
    followed Contact Amy 2015-11-17 17:58:02 +0000
    commented on Contact Amy 2015-10-19 15:47:44 +0100
    Hello Amy.

    My wife recorded “Seven Songs for a Long Life” and we watched it together last night. Such a beautiful piece, woven together so sensitively. We were both in tears by the end – which is no bad thing, of course. You must have worked very hard to make it all come together.


    A group of us in Glasgow have been meeting together over the past few years to talk about death and dying (we call it a Die-alogue) and I’ve recommended those who haven’t already seen your film to do so. It’ll give us yet more to reflect on.

    I look forward to seeing the results of whatever you may be working on at the moment so I hope you’ll keep me posted.

    With best wishes,

    commented on Contact Amy 2015-10-19 09:30:07 +0100
    You have very nice website
    commented on Contact Amy 2015-10-17 15:05:31 +0100
    Hi Amy

    What a fabulous angle on that world that exists on edge of life and death, and is missed by the majority of us. The singing – mostly – was superb. Nicola and her nurse singing and harmonising R.E.M’s Everybody Hurts was very moving and a highpoint of a wonderful documentary. As a journalist I find watching really great documentaries like this one quite simply inspiring. Thank you for some great insights.
    commented on Contact Amy 2015-09-20 20:57:03 +0100

    I really enjoyed the Edge of Dreaming. I thought it was full of truly marvellous things, and the interviews at the end were interesting too.

    I remember (I hope rightly) in the film how you described starting from a very scientific world view, and how your experiences as described in the film changed that. I’m interested in how you say on your webpage that our consciousness expands out of time.

    I suppose I’m interested, if it’s not too personal a question, in what particular experience led you to that view? I suppose I have travelled rather in the opposite direction of late, having started as someone who seemed to have some quite anomalous experiences in the context of meditation and Buddhism (shared experience of presence, precognitive dreams). But when I look at my experience now, I don’t really feel that I can find anything that is unchanging, and so wonder if Daniel Dennett’s view that the self is “a benign user illusion” might be nearer the truth of things. Also I have read some consciousness researchers like Susan Blackmore, who find material explanations for things like near death experiences and out of the body experiences.

    I say all this rather sorrowfully, because I don’t really want to believe the universe is random and uncaring, and would happily be persuaded otherwise!

    Kind regards

    John Barron
    commented on Contact Amy 2015-06-14 13:08:31 +0100
    Hi Amy! I just saw your documaintary the edge of dreaming. I was very impressed, not only by the beautiful style of filming you have, and the thoughts and silences you brought over, but also by the theme/ subject of the film. I am a dreamer and thinker, and these subjecst also spins in my mind now and then. How dreams work, what they mean, and how we handle our brain, dreams and subcontious knowtions. The way you put these thoughts, fears, and wisdom in images is really spot on. It makes me want to know more about my inner-wisdom, and puts me in check to listen more, and feel more behind our daily impressions. Just wanted to tell you, the film made a deep impression and I hope you can make more beautiful films of live! I also love to see what you do now in the hospice. Live and death are two great and powerfull things, not only phisical, but also the birth and death on daily bases in thoughts, chapters of live, and more. We lost contact with those two great and powerfull things, by putting these away, and not giving the time to think about it, and deal with it. I hope the work you do can change al little about cooping with sickness, health, new live and live that is passing away.
    Greetings from the north of the netherlands,

    Rianne van der Kamp
    commented on Contact Amy 2015-05-01 17:49:03 +0100
    Dear Amy,

    Just watched you film “The Edge of Dreaming.” Dreams are prophetic but they are also symbolic. You did “die” in your 48th year. You died to all the fear you had been carrying and now you live for each day. You gave yourself the answer to your dream in the words at the end of your film. To die means to die to the old self. This can be taken psychologically but it is also spiritual. You are born anew and can really savor the wonderful life you enjoy more fully. Blessings.
    commented on Contact Amy 2014-12-31 12:33:46 +0000
    Dearest Amy,

    May Great Spirit continues to bless you and all the others who work in the hospice, bringing more light to those who you touch with your work, your kindness and your ways. After the “Edge of Dreaming” It is a delight to see where your work and your experiences have taken you.

    Working in the hospice supporting those who are going into the Spirit world is one of the highest works one can do.

    Blessings always,

    Claudia Goncalves
    commented on Contact Amy 2014-10-29 19:26:06 +0000
    i think you’re artistic tackling of mortality is invaluable. i’ve shown ‘edge of dreaming’ to several friends and family.
    commented on Contact Amy 2014-04-25 23:36:29 +0100
    Hi Amy. I’m an author writing about precognitive dreams. Your experience documented in “Dreaming” is a powerful story. It can be used as an example of precognitive dreaming, or it can be argued that your body gave you an early warning that has nothing to do with precognition in the traditional sense. You mention you believe that humans have a timeless consciousness contained in frail bodies. The question ultimately comes down to this, as I see it: Did the warning originate entirely from within you, or were you really given a warning by Arthur? It can be argued either way, and I was wondering what you think.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer. It’ll really help me explain this subject for my readers. Best of luck with your work!
    commented on Contact Amy 2014-04-21 00:46:55 +0100
    I like the film you tell tour dreams i, m spanish age 46
    commented on Contact Amy 2014-03-04 19:30:52 +0000
    Before I purchase the downloadable HD version on “The Edge of Dreaming”, is there or will there be a blu-ray release?
    commented on Contact Amy 2014-03-01 23:50:17 +0000
    I just finished watching your very moving film Edge of Dreaming. I am an energy healer who is developing a year long program called Earth Advocate where we will be developing special energy programs for healing Earth systems. I was so struck with the metaphor (or not) of your body as Earth in the film and the power to rewrite, re-neuralize, our future outcome. This film will become one of the supporting media for my students in this program. Thank you for your dream.
    commented on Contact Amy 2013-10-03 12:42:51 +0100
    commented on Contact Amy 2013-05-29 10:59:09 +0100
    Dear Amy,

    my name is Natalia and I am a documentary filmmaker from Greece. I was looking into Scottish Documentary Institute’s PhD, looked up your name and came across your website. Your project looks really interesting, I’m definitely going to watch your film soon!

    I am considering applying for that same PhD and really wanted to know what you think of your experience. Also, I was wondering how much it costed and if there was any financial aid available?

    It would be really helpful if you dropped me two lines at to help me understand some things about the practice based PhD.

    Thank you for your time,

    Best wishes,

    commented on Contact Amy 2013-03-23 05:42:36 +0000
    commented on Contact Amy 2013-03-23 05:39:58 +0000
    Hi Amy,

    I’ve just finished watching Edge of Dreaming for the upteenth time – every so often, it calls to me to watch it, and I always do. I find it a meditative experience, and it always causes me to ponder the mysteries of this life. Several decades back I kept a dream journal when I had the luxury of time in my life to record my dreams as I remembered them when I woke up, and the results were astonishing – there is a whole other universe (or several) that exists within us!

    I applaud your courage and determination to deal with your situation, and to record your efforts to do so. Some of the dreams I have had have affected my moods, and how I related to people in the real world after they were in my dreams, so they definitely affect reality, and are affected by reality.

    So thank you again for having the bravery and ability to create this movie, and for allowing us to share this intimate time with you. I’m pleased to see how it has affected you in the current work you are doing – you are giving the world a real gift!

    Bill Lulay
    commented on Contact Amy 2013-03-02 23:29:12 +0000
    Hi Amy – just a quick email to say here is the Blake quote I was struggling to remember -

    How do you know but ev’ry Bird that cuts the airy way,

    Is an immense world of delight, clos’d by your senses five?

    A lovely family exhibition at Stirling Uni and your film is wonderful.


    commented on Contact Amy 2013-02-28 23:28:01 +0000
    Hi Amy, I’m the director of the Legacy Film Festival on Aging, in San Francisco ( Your film on Strathcarron Hospice, and the residents’ own filming (Legacies – love the name!) looks interesting. Also the piece on your friend Ruth Cave. Our festival is scheduled for June 7-9, 2013. Would you be interested in sending us preview dvd’s and if accepted, having us screen the film(s)?

    Sheila Malkind
    commented on Contact Amy 2013-02-28 17:44:13 +0000
    I love Edge of Dreaming. The film is quite rich and beautiful and your family is so sweet.

    I want to say that I think you have a gold mine in the Bonus Material. It is fantastic!! All of you interviewed are so articulate, well-studied and grounded in your subject areas. This collection is a huge gift to the field of consciousness studies-your melding science and spirit. Are you considering making the Bonus Material into a documentary that stands on its own? I hope so!!

    I learned about your film whilst taking a webinar with Eben Alexander, MD, the Harvard-trained neurosurgeon who had a near-death experience and wrote the book Proof of Heaven – trying to make scientific sense of his 7-days in coma. His work compliments yours. He highly recommended your film.

    Thank you so much for your courage, artistry, and intelligence.

    Anne Wotring

    p.s. I am a counselor/coach who helps my clients understand and use greater consciousness. I am recommending your film and bonus material to all my clients and colleagues.